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Welcome to Empowering Health & Fitness Gym Ltd.,.

Joining the Gym

There is an annual Registration/Membership Only fee of 2,000/-  valid for any family member. Members are issued with a membership card which is shown on entry to the hotel premises. Members have a consultation on registration. Registration includes weight check, blood pressure check, measurements, BMI calculation and waist /hip ratio. Members have full use of the facilities, showers and changing rooms. We offer a weekly weight check and consultation plus dietary analysis and advice.  Each member is advised on a personalised exercise plan.

Empowering Health and Fitness Gym Ltd., is partnered with, our philosophy being that exercise combined with healthy eating is the essential combination for good health, a combination that gives us the power to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Good food choices combined with exercise positively influences our health by protecting against disease, promoting strength and energy, enabling us to live an active, healthy, and enjoyable life. The power of combining a healthy diet with daily exercise can help avoid the need for expensive medication, doctor’s visits and hospital bills.

The gym is located within the grounds of Mnarani Club, Kilifi.


Ann Registered Nutrition Counsellor Teaching Cert Food & Nutrition Ann

IFA Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer.      CfN Registered Nutrition Counselor

Senior Fitness Classes  Tuesday 10am until 11am with a special Kilifi residents senior rate of 500/- per session. Do as much or as little a you like. Exercises can be taken standing or seated. Health checks and fitness assessment. Consultations on special dietary needs, advice and guidance for weight loss, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis.  Call Ann for more information on 0770 586 079.

One Month Senior Fitness Course. Limited to 6.    4,000Ksh

This is a one month course, classes Monday & Friday 9.00am until 10.00am. This course is for those wishing to improve core strength and fitness level and special emphasis on balance to help prevent falls. It is suitable for anyone recovering from surgery, injury, or any disability which restricts exercise. The course includes fitness coaching and exercises, at your permitted level, nutrition advice, meal planning, IFA recommended fitness tests, weight, BMI and blood pressure monitoring. Each session starts with a talk on related topics such as ‘preventing life threatening disease through diet and exercise’, Super foods’, ‘foods for joint health’, food to help offset depression and mood swings’, facing and conquering challenges, making exercise part of daily life, motivational talks, ‘how to get motivated and stay motivated’.

David Fitness Instructor Personal Trainer

Certified Fitness Instructor
Personal Trainer

David Ochieng CPT (IFA Certified Personal Trainer is the Senior Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer, responsible for the management and the daily running of the  gym as well as the for the well being of the clients.  He has wide experience in running a gym and working with One on One Personal Training clients, either at the gym or at their own homes. You come to the gym with a goal. We make it our personal mission to help you to achieve those goals.

David is responsible for our aerobic activity program. He has a unique talent for producing individual choreography that makes his aerobics classes dynamic, energising, and fat burning.  With his feel for the latin American rhythm Zumba classes are not to be missed, Zumba to rhumba every Tuesday 6pm until 7pm.

Self defence.- Adult course of 8 lessons covering all aspects of self awareness, personal safety by avoidance and deflating potential threatening incidents  and training in defend and escape techniques, Saturday 10am Ksh 15,000

Keeping Safe a Self defence course for kids. Focusing on situation avoidance, personal awareness and response to potential threatening incidents. Escape techniques. 8 sessions minimum 8, aged 7yrs to 12yrs Saturday 9am Ksh 15,000 p.p.

Taebo energises with strength building kicks and punches that are dynamic, speed up our physical and mental responses and burn the calories. Taebo increases self confidence and self awareness. 

Step aerobics include standard steps but also David’s own combination moves that are easy to follow, fast, fun, and exciting – never boring. Steps was invented by a patient recovering from knee surgery who was told by his doctor to exercise so don’t be afraid to try steps.

Aerobics Classes are 500/- for one hour  5.30pm  until 6.30pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday

Use the gym  500/- per session which can last as long as the gym is open. Instructor always on hand to assist and guide you.

We hope you can join us.


Charges 3,000 per month. Aerobics plus gym 5,000 per month







CHARGES:,  gym only – 4,000 Ksh per month. Gym, plus all aerobics sessions, 5,000 per month.

Full range of equipment, certified Personal Trainers, Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

Gym attended by qualified, certified staff, on hand to support, encourage, help, advise, demonstrate use of equipment and work out an exercise plan to suit your needs and fitness level.

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