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Hi, a bit about myself.


I studied Food and Nutrition at Elizabeth Gaskell College, Manchester University before going into teaching. All my professional life has been involved in Food and Nutrition. I married my husband, an aircraft engineer, who was born and raised in Kenya, and we had two sons. Holidays were spent in Kenya and we finally decided that was where we wanted to live. The next few years were spent running the land base for our son’s diving and sailing charter business. This was tremendous fun but eventually, our sons married their spouses and now live in Australia.


Always interested in keeping up with latest research and developments in nutrition I began studying again and gained an Advanced Diploma In Nutrition Counseling. I began to fully understand the power we have to influence our health, that this power comes from combining a personalised healthy eating plan with a personalised exercise routine that is both sustainable and life changing. To feel good about ourselves and restore self esteem is within our reach. Diets fail over and over again with depressing affects on the dieter when the weight creeps back on. Hitting the gym cannot result in us losing weight either if we eat the wrong foods. The amazing thing is this combination has many other life changing advantages. There is overwhelming evidence to show how we can protect ourselves from the life threatening diseases we dread such as certain cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes. We have the power to prevent common infections that drag us down, to bring an end to mood  swings and conquer cravings.  This is all within our power and the key to losing weight permanently, for life, depends on combining healthy eating with exercise. Diets fail over and over again because weight regain is almost inevitable. I believe in empowering nutrition with exercise for optimum good health and fitness and met a personal trainer who is as committed as I am and helped me achieve my ideal weight after years of yo yo dieting and helped me to achieve a fitness level I dreamed of. I take great pleasure now in helping people lose that extra weight and keep it off and improve their fitness level as I did. I love the challenge of helping someone set achievable goals and reach them. I now counsel people online from as far afield as UK and Australia and enjoy the contact with people and hearing about their progress, talking over their problems with them and finding solutions together, encouraging them to keep going when times get tough. I am still working with the same trainer. He helps my clients as he helped me, to reach a new level of fitness and good health. We believe we can help you to achieve permanent weight loss, protect yourself from life threatening diseases and lead a fit, healthy and active life.

Ann CfNregNutr, registered Nutrition Counselor

IFA (International Fitness Association) Senior Fitness Instructor

David OchiengCPT

IFA Certified Personal Trainer

IFA Certified Group Personal Fitness Instructor.

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